When discussing the incidents with usage of a weapon in the streets of St. Petersburg Grigory Yavlinsky, head of the YABLOKO faction of St.Petersburg Legislative Assembly, said that in addition to other measures video cameras should be installed in the streets.

Yavlinsky also added that the conflict with the use of traumatic weapons which occurred in St.Petersburg at night from September 20 to September 21 was an indicator of a low level of law and order in the city. «The responsibility for this lies with the city government and the law enforcement,” Yavlinsky said. “In spite of the fact that the law enforcement work in very difficult conditions because of corruption in the highest echelons of power, because people are detained, and then they are easily released after paying a bribe – all this is common knowledge».

According to Yavlinsky, the YABLOKO faction in the St.Petersburg Legislative Assembly will seek allocation of funds for equipping St.Petersburg streets with cameras at the nearest session of the Assembly examining the city budget which will be held in October. In his opinion, such a measure is needed for improving law and order and a significant reduction in crime in the city.