A winner is not a strongest one but one who goes all the way

«Global politics today should focus primarily on preventing the break-out of a major war which could sweep across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. For this purpose, it will be necessary first and foremost to secure a ceasefire in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and prevent its escalation. A rapid reset of the entire European policy is needed and the immediate signing of a ceasefire agreement between Russia and Ukraine is required (possibly with the participation of the US and Chinese authorities)»

(April 2024)

The War

For Russia the war with Ukraine is akin to a self-imposed nuclear strike

Eastern Ukraine

The end of the war and ensuring the security of Donbass residents – will be the real path to the peace.

Pension reform

If state companies wired some dividends to the Pension Fund of Russia, it would allow pensions rise without rising the retirement age.


There must be a legitimate referendum on the future of Crimea under strict international control.

Presidential elections 2018

It was the only opportunity to demand changes and to show to the people the meaningful alternative for Vladimir Putin's line.


Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil War was a glaring mistake. Taking part in the domestic fight between Sunnis and Shiites is the immediate threat to Russian citizens' security.

Economic reforms in the 1990s

Economic reforms in Russia in the 1990s built the base for the Putin system where the authorities, property and business have been merged together. 

The Putin System

A new book
by Grigory Yavlinsky
Columbia University Press, 2019