03.07.2020 About the Future

Russia already has a request for a democratic alternative to corrupt authoritarianism

04.06.2020 After Lockdown

What will happen to the Russian economy after the COVID-19 pandemic?

06.03.2020 Legitimating the Corporate State

Putin is paving the way for the creation of a totalitarian state in Russia.

05.01.2020 The Threat of War

Putin is not developing a policy to prevent war — on the contrary, he is preparing for one.

foreign policy
06.11.2019 War in Syria: What we need to remember

Achievements of President Putin’s four-year policy in the Middle East

24.09.2019 “The adoption of the Paris Agreement is a political PR”

Why the Russian Federation adopted the Paris climate agreement and what consequences it will have for society and the economy.

20.09.2019 20 years of Putin and the future

Putin’s authoritarian regime has over the past twenty years already quelled all the impulses and travails that are foreign to its nature – there is no longer any place for the personal ambitions and delusions of its leaders.

Putin system
11.09.2019 The Righteousness of the protest

It is completely clear that the protest is legal, constitutional and absolutely justified!

protests in Moscow
29.07.2019 The eight demands

What the opposition should strive to achieve

protests in Moscow
01.07.2019 The 5G Break Zone

In Huawei’s case, Russia is making a principled choice for many years to come. In terms of technology, and, consequently, from an economic perspective, this choice will transform Russia into a satellite of China.

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