13.06.2024 The Versailles Trap

What lessons must we draw today from events that happened more than a century ago? 

05.06.2024 A Ceasefire Agreement Must Be Struck Now

This is by no means a bilateral problem and that Ukraine’s borders should be discussed as borders of the European Union

23.05.2024 The West’s Approach to Russia Should Have Been Much Smarter

Grigory Yavlinsky took part in the debates at Cambridge Union about the West’s Approach to Russia

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21.05.2024 A Way to the Future: Different World

About the collapse of the world order that emerged after World War II and the danger of a major war

29.04.2024 New World Disorder

On the collapse of the international order formed after the end of World War II and the risks of a major global conflict 

foreign policy
26.03.2024 The Black Swan from the Crocus City Hall

The terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall is the Black Swan event, which could become modern Sarajevo, like 110 years ago, a trigger for a new world war. Just look back at the past events.

14.03.2024 «The Future of the Country is Determined Not by Percentages of Vote, But by How Soon the Fighting Stops»

On the position of the Yabloko party regarding 2024 Russian presidential election

26.02.2024 Two Years of War. Stop the Killing

Continuation of the military actions in any form — offensive or positional warfare — will not deliver any positive outcome for Russia, Ukraine or Western countries

16.02.2024 Alexey Navalny became a victim of political repression

Navalny was an opponent of the regime and ended up in prison mainly for his political activities

18.01.2024 Grigory Yavlinsky: Dialogue with Russia cannot be avoided

The interview for The Nation Magazine

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