17.05.2022 «I believe in a new Russia but Putin is going nowhere»

Fierce critic of Putin and a former political opponent, Grigory Yavlinsky talks to Index about fear, lies and violence in today’s Russia

22.04.2022 Grigory Yavlinsky’s latest comments for BBC World News on the situation in Ukraine and Russia

This is not a question whether the West would pay money to Russia or not. This is not a tool to stop a nuclear power of such a size like Russia

04.02.2022 Putin’s policy is dangerous for the world and first of all for Russia itself

Grigory Yavlinsky’s comments for Sky News on the war threat

31.01.2022 The Diplomacy of War

Russia’s Geopolitical Prospects

foreign policiy
08.01.2022 War and Our Role

If there is a war between Russia and Ukraine and Russia tries to occupy Ukraine, this will be suicidal for Russia

17.09.2021 Fiasco

Why the Americans suffered setbacks in Russia, Iraq and Afghanistan 

United States
30.07.2021 On the Historical Future of Russia and Ukraine

Putin’s article represents a clear illustration of the self-defeating nature of Russian foreign policy today – confrontation with the West and aggression towards Ukraine

24.06.2021 Geneva 2021: What Is Russia Left With?

How did it happen that the heads of the two largest nuclear powers had nothing to talk about at the negotiations except missiles?

United States
12.05.2021 Democracy in the Digital Age

To safeguard their democracies and restore their global standing, Western countries must demonstrate that they possess both the awareness and political will to confront the challenges they face

12.01.2021 Modern Russia and The Putin System

About the political system of modern Russia and its significance to the world

Putin system
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