20.09.2019 20 years of Putin and the future

Putin’s authoritarian regime has over the past twenty years already quelled all the impulses and travails that are foreign to its nature – there is no longer any place for the personal ambitions and delusions of its leaders.

Putin system
29.07.2019 The eight demands

What the opposition should strive to achieve

protests in Moscow
01.07.2019 The 5G Break Zone

In Huawei’s case, Russia is making a principled choice for many years to come. In terms of technology, and, consequently, from an economic perspective, this choice will transform Russia into a satellite of China.

25.03.2019 Political Love Story

Putin did it from the heart, seeing a “soul friend” in Trump, who was close to him as a person and politically.

United States
21.01.2019 “Shock therapy” for America: normalising the absurd

For a month now Trump has refused to approve any…

United States
11.01.2019 Financial crisis: coming round full circle

On the hidden causes of the global crisis.

Global crisis
23.12.2018 The Results of the Year: Putin and Futility

The President, who has been governing the country for 19…

Putin system
11.11.2018 A Hundred Year After the War: from Nationalism to Nationalism

The unwillingness of the Russian authorities to discuss the crisis of the csarist autocracy and the terrorist essence of Bolshevism is understandable and expected.

27.10.2018 A U-Turn: from Сarnival to Сollapse

On what has been happening with liberal capitalism, the “carnival…

12.09.2018 Reputation lost: Poisoned by lies

The main aim of the government of any country is…

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