Twelve deputies of St.Petersburg Legislative Assembly including all members of YABLOKO faction paid tribute to Boris Nemtsov’s memory during the plenary meeting. Grigory Yavlinsky made a short speech which was followed by a minute’s silence.

Plenary meeting was interrupted by YABLOKO faction request. Twelve deputies left the meeting room. They gathered at the rotunda of the Legislative Assembly holding black-and-white portraits of murdered Boris Nemtsov. YABLOKO faction leader Grigory Yavlinsky said: “The murder of a well-known politician Boris Nemtsov by the Kremlin’s walls several days ago resembles a showcase execution in the form of an act of terror. He was murdered because he expressed his views openly. He also said that Russia should not fight against Ukraine, and that Russians should not kill Ukrainians and Ukrainians should not kill Russians. If everyone who expresses their opinion in our country will be murdered, our country won’t have any future”.

YABLOKO’s Boris Vishnevsky and Alexandr Kobrinsky also joined the action as well as Vladislav Bakulin, Olga Galkina, Alexei Kovalyov, Victor Lozhechko, Vyacheslav Notyag, Maxim Reznik, Lubov Sedeykiyene, Sergei Trokhmanenko, Maria Shyshkina.