January 20 in Washington for the second time took office, US President Barack Obama.

January 27 in Washington, too, has passed the enthronement of Metropolitan Tikhon (Mollard), Primate of the American Orthodox Church. The second event is not accompanied by massive media attention, but its importance is high: more than a million Orthodox Americans, speaking mostly in English, is brought up prescriptions tradition or national fashion, confirm the importance of their confession, the seriousness and responsibility of their ministry in the face of so peculiar American multicultural » boiler civilization. » Orthodox Americans — it is often not only Russian and Europeans, but did not direct descendants of immigrants from Russia or Europe. But the greater their inner connection with Russia XVIII — XIX centuries, and anti-Bolshevik Russian emigre, the greater continuity and that feedback, which arose when the Church in Russia was stuck in a semi-underground.

Against the background of both events should think again about the meaning of relations between Europe and the United States and the Russian-US relations — it is about the meaning, not the pragmatic practice, which in our provincial political environment made sense for the issue.

The United States has many shortcomings, we need to know about them. Americans, in spite of the seemingly natural motif of unity with their European roots, very decidedly does not want to see themselves as Europeans. They can not give up the right to bear arms. They have a kind of very formal tradition of justice. In many states, the death penalty.

The American tradition (as partly Russian) does not tolerate compromise. They are not so much the imperialists, but in something very provincial, too cherish it for its foundations and rules for them at times, as if all America, the whole world — the Americans, and are therefore quite surprising if someone does not always want live up to their standard. This often leads to serious and dangerous failures. In this case, they are rich and really largely effective. Therefore, it is difficult to be friends with them, while maintaining their independence, while maintaining the ability to say «no.»

But who said that it should be easy? Is it easy to us — the heirs of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, disappointed in themselves and their neighbors?

It is with the US Russia have special historical, cultural and political ties, binds many common interests. After all natives of historical Russia — probably in the top five of the «flow» that shaped and continue to shape America today.

The Russian Empire had excellent relations with the United States. States have never performed in relation to the Russian Empire with the confrontational positions and served as a counterweight to some European countries. Russia supported the freedom-loving spirit and at the same time conservative Americans, their ability to absorb and broadcast fresh and dynamic ideas. It is impossible to imagine America without immigrants from Russia. In XVIII-XIX centuries, the Fort Russia and Alaska, the monk Herman, priest John Benjamin (later Metropolitan of Moscow Innocent). And after 1917, America Russian enriched those for whom it has become a haven. Rachmaninoff composed his great music out there, Sikorsky helicopters created, Zworykin invented television and Leontiev invented a unique economic theory.

America twice helped Russia in the war. In the course of the First World Russia as a result of the October Revolution came out of the alliance with the United States that turned very serious consequences. During World War II, although US aid was insufficient, without a victory of the Soviet people to Nazi Germany would have been even more severe — it must be well understood.

America has given shelter to many persecuted people from Russia, although it was terrible, unforgivable moral ignorance, when the United States issued Russian in Stalin’s camps.

Our economy is the last twenty years is largely built on American technology and know-how, lack of access to which would have disastrous consequences for our country.

It is necessary to stop the infamous anti-Americanism, stop making Herostratian fame (and money — is unlikely in Russian rubles) in small and dangerous provocations and constructing conspiracy theories. America, if what is to blame, it’s that we do care about them often. But did they have to solve our problems?

Of all the current centers of power all over America meets Russia’s interests to have a strong and negotiability ally — in a much greater extent than China, India, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

Mutual understanding between Russia and the United States would be a far more significant factor in world politics than the surrogate peripheral designs that now we are trying to develop, often referring to the propaganda purposes, and is perfect for yourself understanding the ephemeral nature of their actions.

It is necessary to firmly defend its interest when it really exists. But it is not necessary to invent artificial at every turn to someone «life honey did not seem» to someone to teach, and actually end up punishing ourselves.

Do not have to swagger and podnachivat. This activity is unworthy of adults in a huge country that wants her children to be worthy of the best pages of its history.

America, however, in all its diversity, we wish not to forget their roots, to respect all the good things associated with them, and meet a significant place in the history of the present century, to strive not only for recognition, but genuine respect.