Why do you go to the polls? Get to play with gamblers? Take part in a farce? How much do you pay? «

The answer is very simple: I can not go.

In general, if all so like an allegory with Schuler, I say. People are divided into two categories: some sit down and play because they want to win, and the others stand on the sidelines and watch. Whispering to each other and waiting for someone to win, then to any obhayat winner or sign up to it to friends — in the hope that it is something perepadet.

And I sit down and play. Yes one. Yes, against cheaters.

Preference is such shulersky reception when everyone plays against one. In this case, the chance of winning is extremely small. But an experienced player who knows in advance that he would play against all these odds is.

There is such a wonderful film — «Slumdog Millionaire.» There’s a guy playing not only against cheaters and against a huge shulerskih television machine. And won! Its because even the police took away, that he could not win. But he won. Including because of his victory over this shulerskih car sick the whole of India.

The presidential elections we will have the same picture. I’ll be the one to fight against the existing system of government. Against all the other candidates who are an integral part of this system. And the whole country will look at it. And someone will talk about naphthalene, about doing nothing, about the financing of the State Department and the Kremlin, about the intractability …

And I will fight. Including and for those who say and think so.

I collect signatures. Do not draw and do not pay anyone for 400 rubles per signature. And I will gather them!

Apple — the only party that is able to collect signatures. No longer just did not do it.

And I sit down at the table shulersky to win.

All who will be with me at the table, and all of this casino attendants, including the dealer Churov will be against me. But for me if you will, the citizens of the country, if you beat the cheats on her hands, then I can win.

And go to the second round! This is the very moment when those who whispered to the side and waited for someone to be recorded as a friend, perhaps finally decide.

Well, for whom will you vote in the second round?