Alexei Melnikov, economist, columnist and member of the Yabloko party turns 55 on 8 April. Grigory Yavlinsky congratulate him on this anniversary: 

Dear Alexei Yuryevich,

Let me congratulate you on your birthday – your 55th anniversary!

In our turbid times, you embody the best qualities of the Russian intelligencia. You are an intellectual and encyclopedist with a broad outlook and a non-trivial view of life. You are a man of high moral and ethical standards. In all of your actions in the 29 years of our joint friendship and work, you have shown yourself to be an absolutely unselfish and principled man.

You have risked your life more than once in the name of your convictions, and have never betrayed your comrades, and have not tricked them. You are a truly noble and honest person. Always and everywhere. You are a model of sincerity in politics and therefore a unique person!

It is a blessing to work these years with you.

Together we ate a peck of salt, and not one.

Your whole life has been given to our country and Yabloko, and we very much appreciate it.

Be healthy and may your life always be full and bring you well-deserved joy, happiness and luck!

Grigory Yavlinsky