The tragedy with the Malaysian passenger plane, which most likely was shot by «separatists» with the help of Russian weapons is another confirmation of the absolute meaninglessness and crime happening in Eastern Ukraine.

Transfer of the Russian weapons to the so-called «separatists», forwarding volunteers to them, propaganda and military support from Russia — all this represents direct incitement to war. The so-called struggle for the independence of these so-called “republics” proclaimed under the patronage of Russia has never had the slightest meaningful perspective — neither political, nor economic, nor military, nor in terms of their international recognition. Russia’s irresponsible and cynical provocation and support of armed «separatists» there will result only in endless bloodshed, boundless crime, lies and even greater degradation.

Whatever the purpose of the Russian leadership in this bloody military and political adventure might have been: destabilisation, split or full control over Ukraine — all this is infinitely dangerous and represents a strategic nonsense.

If all this continues, then deaths of hundreds of civilian aircraft passengers will not be the last tragedy. The sleep of reason produces monsters.

We must stop war crimes in Eastern Ukraine, stop transfer of weapons there, sponsoring and continuous heating up this absurdity, toughly close the border from the Russian side for «volunteers», provide maximum humanitarian assistance to the people who are in a combat zone, conduct demilitarisation of the region, engage in direct negotiations with the Ukrainian leadership at the top level and to convene an international conference for resolution of the conflict.

Russia needs a leadership that would be able to solve these problems, otherwise there are long-term hardships in store for our country.