Why does no one – not a single state in the world, not a single international organisation – believe what they say in Russia about Alexei Navalny’s poisoning?

Probably because no one, except Russia, change urine probes of their athletes. Probably because only “tourists” from Russia go to admire the sights of Salisbury using forged documents and suddenly they poison someone there. Probably because it is the Russian authorities who wage hybrid and criminal wars in other countries of the world and secretly bury their citizens who died in these wars.

Also there were explosions of houses in Moscow, poisoning of [journalist and Yabloko MP] Yuri Shchekochikhin, the murder of Boris Nemtsov by the walls of the Kremlin… Investigations of all these cases were drowned in lies at the indulgence by the highest echelons of power in Russia.

A completely discredited state with a negative reputation, mired in lies and falsifications, will sooner or later become an object for attacks, both justified and unjustified, a kind of global scapegoat.

Lies are a weapon to fight the enemy, and since Putin’s authorities see themselves as a “separate civilisation”, they see their mission in opposing the West and remaining permanently in power. Therefore, they constantly lie to the whole world and to their own people. Virtually always and on virtually every case.

There is no justice in the world and no global judgment. However, there are generally accepted norms, there is the institution of reputation. Russia has a negative reputation – it has poisoned it with the poison of its own lies. This means that no one in the world believes virtually anything said by the Kremlin. Now, after more than a century of lies, restoration of the reputation will require a re-foundation of the Russian state.

I am wishing a speedy recovery to Alexei Navalny and strength to his family and friends!