As far as in 1986, Vladimir Voinovich wrote the dystopian novel “Moscow 2042”, its plot in many respects resembles Russia of our days: communism was built in Greater Moscow, a complete merger fusion of the party and secret services took place, and the Communist Party of State Security is running the show. However, the writer hoped that the future he described in the novel would never come. But the reality in many ways has already surpassed his dystopian novel.

Vladimir Nikolayevich Voinovich was a talented writer and a man of courage. In the USSR of Leonid Brezhnev’s period, in exile and in Putin’s Russia, he was always a consistent and uncompromising opponent of Bolshevism and the state repressive machinery.

We will always be grateful to Vladimir Voinovich for his courageous stance: both in life and literature. We will forever cherish him in our hearts and minds!