The Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO is seriously concerned about the threats of physical violence from the Chechen Republic after the publication in Novaya Gazeta [on violence and murders of LGBT people in Chechnya].
We regard the statement about the need for «reprisals without a statute of limitations», targeting of unnamed people who allegedly «stand behind the publications» [of Novaya Gazeta on violence and murders of LGBT people in Chechnya] as a real and direct threat to the journalists and an indefinitely wide range of people.
In this situation and taking into account the tragic the murder of Russian politician and statesman Boris Nemtsov near the Kremlin, we draw the attention of personally President Vladimir Putin to the fact that he personally bears full responsibility for the life and health of Novaya Gazeta journalists, as well as politicians, human rights defenders and citizens of Russia, who may become victims of unfolding terror.
We demand strict observance of the Russian Constitution in all regions of the country, including the North Caucasus, and adoption of all the measures required to ensure safety of Russian citizens on behalf of President Vladimir Putin.
We also demand that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation immediately investigate this crime, as well as all the facts set forth in the Novaya Gazeta publication of 1 April, 2017, on the torture and killings of Chechen residents.
Calls for reprisals against journalists and citizens, and incitement of hatred have their authors and sponsors and must be punished as strictly as possible.
Emilia Slabunova,
Grigory Yalvinsky,
Chairman of the YABLOKO Federal Political Committee