After another scandal with the accident, which was attended by a police officer, Grigory Yavlinsky said that was in favor of a qualitatively different — public recertification of police officers. Yavlinsky — a member of the standing committee on law and order, the leader of the «Yabloko» in St. Petersburg parliament. He said this in an exclusive interview with «Echo of Petersburg».

— Grigory why you think it necessary to conduct a new certification in the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

Occurred recently event, I am referring to the story of the Kazan police department «Far» in which police brutally tortured people, and the recent terrible tragedy in St. Petersburg, where a young police officer, driving a car at high speed, got killed two people, and a number of other incidents involving the police, clearly indicate that it is necessary to radically improve the cadre of law enforcement officers.

— But it’s been just over a year since the first recertification. Do you believe that it has not met its objectives?

She performed some internal problems, but judging by the events, not the ones that are vital to the citizens. After all, look what happened: re-certified police officers conducted by the police. Check themselves. Predictable result. As held certification, and received such police. It is necessary to insist on a new re-certification, and this time with direct mandatory participation of the public, who are competent and able to make responsible decisions about who deserves to be a police officer, and who is not.

Can a person to work in the police, the assessment of its integrity and moral principles — public attestation commission, whose decision will be binding (not recommendatory!) Force. And then let the police officers determine — whether the candidate requirements of their structure.

— You are talking about human rights defenders? ..

Not only human rights defenders, but also intellectuals, veteran of law enforcement agencies that are actually excluded from the process, and primarily because it is they need to provide the right to work in such commissions. In other words, we are talking about the public in the broadest sense of the word. Representatives of the entire spectrum of civil society must be able to influence the decision of the Certification Commission.

Look, after all, in fact, we have with you to achieve the main thing: that citizens are not afraid of the police and trusted him. Formal intra-validation and verification can not achieve this.

— This is not your first idea of control over the activities of law enforcement. You have previously proposed to establish a web camera to monitor the work of the police.

Just as pilots are continuously recorded conversations recorders aircraft «black boxes» not to broadcast them on the radio, and video recording of what is happening in police stations iavtomobilyah is not intended to show it on the internet or anywhere else published. This service is absolutely classified information. The law is specifically stated as a closed list of officials having access to the video fixation and the use thereof. The Secrecy Act investigation, of course, will be met in full. In short, must disappoint you — it does not show «behind the glass».

Serious task — to capture and record everything that happens in places where the police come into contact with the citizens. And when citizens complain to their pressure, cruel behavior, torture by the police, in the hands of the auditee is always a possibility with these videos get irrefutable evidence violated the law if the government representative during certain actions, or as a citizen of his tried unfairly slander.

The police should know that on the one hand their actions against citizens are controlled, and on the other that they are protected from unfair accusations and provocations.