Even before the starting whistle, the account was opened by Russia’s Investigation Committee with a final arrest of long-resisting leader of the Serpukhov district [of the Moscow region] Alexander Shestun. At the first minute of the match, thanks to the passing move of the government Dmitry Medvedev raised his retirement age. And virtually in the next attack, Dmitry Medvedev made a brace and raised the VAT. In the second half, the Supreme Court of Karelia from a penalty brought the score to the devastating blow cancelling the acquittal to human rights defender Yury Dmitriyev – 4:0. The point in the opening match was delivered the next day by Putin’s Press Secretary: Dmitry Peskov struck the people with a blow from the penalty spot, explaining that Putin’s promises not to raise the retirement age until he is president meant nothing because “it was a long time ago”. 

And this is really only the beginning. Russia’s economy which has been sinking through the fault of the authorities will be kept afloat exclusively at the expense of the people. 

However, if, for example, state companies transferred part of the dividends to the Pension Fund of Russia, this would allow raising pensions and making a step towards solving the problem without raising the retirement age. But the efficiency and transparency of the state corporations should be increased, as soon they will not be able to help either: Gazprom has been working worse and Rosneft has also been short of money. But the government went the other way, very simple: taking money away from people. 

And so that no one has any illusions, so that that everyone understand that the game will be without rules, Russia’s Human Rights Commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova answering the question about the health of [Ukrainian] film director Oleg Sentsov  [who was sentenced in Russia to 20 years of imprisonment and is now on huger-strike] said that the political prisoner who had been on hunger-strike for a month in a Russian prison “added two kilogramms in weight “. 

What questions can be after that? The real playoffs will begin after the end of the World Cup.