In the twentieth year of Putin’s rule, an understanding of freedom in Russia was reduced to the discussion of punishment for posts and likes on the Internet. But what is real freedom? This is primarily life without fear:

– when people are not afraid of the police, the National Guard (Rosgvardia) and the Federal Security Service (FSB);

– when people are not afraid that their business will be taken away from them;

– when people are not afraid to build housing for themselves like equity holders, when they are not afraid to get under some kind of “renovation”, when they are not afraid that their family will be thrown out of the apartment due to someone else’s absurd decision;

– when people are not afraid that they do not have enough money to educate their children;

– when people are not afraid that their elderly parents will be left without pensions and medicines. 

Freedom is life without fear. And life without fear is the basis for creativity, and in the 21 century it is the only real path to the future. This is the creation of the future of the country: when people know and are confident that they have inalienable rights in their own country, there is a court independent of the authorities that will protect them from arbitrariness, there are laws that are the same for all, and there is a state they support with their taxes and which functions primarily in their interests.

True, this is a difficult goal, there are few countries in the world where this has been largely achieved. But it is precisely to what we should strive at, and, without any doubt, this can be achieved in Russia. Unite. Make your voice louder!