Six Russian servicemen were killed in the Chechen Republic, some wounded, including hard. The federal media reported that it was a terrorist attack and that the responsibility for the attack was assumed by the Islamic State. However, none of the leaders of the country spoke up and publicly explained what had happened. The head of the Investigative Committee did not take the investigation under control. The heads of the Federal Security Service, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs keep silent. It is unlikely that you may read the official condolences to the families of the killed and the names of the victims. 

The authorities’ barely noticeable reaction to a bold and bloody attack is proof that the authorities are at a loss. Stability in the North Caucasus is a myth, and the real threat of the ISIS can always be used to cover anything; for instance so that to justify the endless fighting in the south of Russia that has been going on for over two decades already. Constant official lies make life very dangerous, they disorient not only people, but even secret services and power structures. This is the first sign of the weakness of power. 

I express my condolences to the families and friends of the victims. Their names are: Senior Lieutenant Yermolayev, Sergeant Aliyev, Junior Sergeant Chukumbayev, Corporal Akbiyev and Private Ramazanov. The name of the sixth soldier who died is still unknown.