The Threat of War
Putin is not developing a policy to prevent war — on the contrary, he is preparing for one.
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«It’s not about Putin’s strength. It’s about the world leaders’ weakness»
Grigory Yavlinsky was a guest of Stephen Sackur's HARDtalk programme on BBC World News.
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War in Syria: What we need to remember
Achievements of President Putin’s four-year policy in the Middle East

20 years of Putin and the future
Putin’s authoritarian regime has over the past twenty years already quelled all the impulses and travails that are foreign to its nature – there is no longer any place for the personal ambitions and delusions of its leaders.
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An Opponent’s View
Grigory Yavlinsky’s book The Putin System has been published by Columbia University Press, New York.
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The 5G Break Zone
In Huawei’s case, Russia is making a principled choice for many years to come. In terms of technology, and, consequently, from an economic perspective, this choice will transform Russia into a satellite of China.

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Financial crisis: coming round full circle
Ten years have passed since the global financial crisis. However, a number of the key causes and factors of the crisis have still not been understood and eliminated.
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The Putin System

A new book
by Grigory Yavlinsky
Columbia University Press, 2019