Nothing Is More Valuable Then Human Life
On the need for a ceasefire and an end to the military actions 

Just stop!
There is only one option to prevent any further needless loss of countless lives

Moral Choice
On war and peace, the future of Russia, as well as the role of the political party at a time of military actions which are precipitating the country’s collapse


Russia-2022: Underlying Causes
Why and how did a political system appear, which has resulted in the so-called “special military operation” against Ukraine on 24 February 2022?
#Putin system



“Russia is committing suicide”
Grigory Yavlinsky spoke about the situation in Russia against the backdrop of hostilities in Ukraine, explained what Putin’s policy was and what was the responsibility of the Russian elite and the nation as a whole for the developments


«It’s not about Putin’s strength. It’s about the world leaders’ weakness»
Grigory Yavlinsky was a guest of Stephen Sackur's HARDtalk programme on BBC World News.
#Putin system

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The Putin System

A new book
by Grigory Yavlinsky
Columbia University Press, 2019