On the Urgency and Inevitability of a Ceasefire
Either the progress towards a ceasefire will start immediately, or the parties will take this path at some point later on due to the continuing extensive casualties — all the same, they will still conclude such an agreement

Ceasefire. Seven Key Talking Points
There is nothing more important than saving the lives of people and their futures

Nothing Is More Valuable Then Human Life
On the need for a ceasefire and an end to the military actions 

Just stop!
There is only one option to prevent any further needless loss of countless lives

Russia-2022: Underlying Causes
Why and how did a political system appear, which has resulted in the so-called “special military operation” against Ukraine on 24 February 2022?
#Putin system



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The Putin System

A new book
by Grigory Yavlinsky
Columbia University Press, 2019