YABLOKO founder and member of YABLOKO’s Political Committee Grigory Yavlinsky presented his book “The Troubled Times”, which represents a collection of articles and publications between 2008 and February 2013, at the 26th Moscow International Book Fair at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre on September 7. YABLOKO leader, candidate for Moscow Mayor Sergei Mitrokhin came to congratulate Grigory Yavlinsky on the presentation of the new book.

The book contains articles on the domestic and the foreign policy, economic problems and the tasks connected with reforming of the political and economic system in Russia from the period of 1917 up to the present.

More than a hundred people came to the presentation. There wasn’t room for everyone, so some visitors had to stand.
Grigory Yavlinsky told the guests about his other books: “Russia’s economic system”, “The Main”, “February parallels”, “Land.Housing.Roads”.

According to Yavlinsky, the analysis of what had happened in Russia, the reasons for that and why such a system was formed are an important part of his book. “My research show that the system which was formed in our country serves and satisfies the interests of about 25 percent of the nation’s number and the rest 75 percent of people in Russia have no perspective in terms of education, health care or their future and children”, said Yavlinsky.

YABLOKO founder believes that this is connected with the bad mistakes and crimes committed in 1990s. “The basis of lawlessness, absence of private property, free media and independent court were laid exactly at that time. In my works I did everything possible to tell about the ways of improving the present state of affairs and what should be done to lay a principally new course”, explained Yavlinsky.

In his books Yavlinsky pays special attention to the improving of the results of the privatisation. “The criminal privatisation of 1990s laid the foundation of the present authorities”, said Yavlinsky.

Yavlinsky stresses that the creation of the middle class is vital. “The middle class will become the political force that will protect the interests of the people. The programme “Land.Housing.Roads” tells about the necessity of giving the land to the citizens for free at the expense of the bankroll of the country.

Grigory Yavlinsky claims that Russia needs continuity, the joint of time, so that the people knew their history and could admit their mistakes.

Yavlinsky said that no other party in Russia had such a theoretical foundation as YABLOKO.

Sergei Mitrokhin mentioned the great service that Yavlinsky had done to YABLOKO. “I find Grigory Alekseevich an outstanding economic and political thinker of our time. His role in the history of our country will be appraised by our people. The heading set by Yavlinsky is like a compass at the ship. The ship rushes about the waves and doesn’t know what to do, but if there is a compass at the ship, it means there is hope that may grow into confidence. This means the ship will find the way. The YABLOKO party is this compass. One day it will guide the ship to the right way. The party has proved it many times by its actions and programmes”, said Mitrokhin.

Sergei Mitrokhin called all the guests to read the books by Yavlinsky and mentioned that they give answers to many questions on what is going on in the country.

In the end of the meeting YABLOKO leaders answered to the questions of the guests, signed the books for them and talked to the visitors of the Book Fair.