Dear Ludmila Mikhailovna,

The YABLOKO party wishes you a happy birthday!

Your understanding of the problems of human personality, your choice of your way in life, the belief that wishes of every person counts in the historical choice made by a country and the vector of the world development made you one of the most prominent public figures not only in our country but all over the world in the history of past decades.

Your uncompromising stance gives you the right to engage in and encourage dialogues and discussions with world leaders on the most pressing issues of modern politics, and you know how to make them listen to you. Your voice is heard on behalf of that part of the people, who are aware of their responsibility for what is happening. That is how real democracy emerges. And no short-term political considerations should prevail over human dignity, freedom and adherence to internal moral imperative. Upholding the humanistic values constitutes the main goal of your work, of your friends and followers.

Your personal strength is admired and respected. All the hardships you experienced, only have made you stronger, and today’s situation looks as if it was designed to maintain your spirits and keep you in shape.

We sincerely wish you health and strength.

Truly yours,

Sergei Mitrokhin,

Grigory Yavlinsky