As of today, YABLOKO collected over 1.7 mln signatures for registration of Grigory Yavlinsky in the presidential elect ion campaign. Collection of signatures will go until January 15, sheets with voters’ signatures have to be filed and prepared for dispatch to the Central Electoral Commission on January 18.

YABLOKO activists think that they will manage to collect the remaining 400,000 signatures (as a non-parliamentary party such as YABLOKO has to submit to the Central Electoral Commission 2.1 mln signatures for registration of its candidate in the face). Grigory Yavlinsky’s headquarters call all the supporters of an alternative at presidential elections to focus on the solution of this task.

“Without this all our successful steps made earlier, as well as our present victories, will remain on interim results without any continuation,” Grigory Yavlinsky wrote in his blog addressing his supporters. “Consequently on March 4 the society may be deprived of any constructive alternative. Moreover, the society will have to face a difficult choice: between the present very bad (what has been trampling us under foot and what we can not bear any more) and a “well forgotten” bad”.

“Technically a nationwide collection of signatures is a routine and time-consuming thing. But for a citizen it is virtually a trifle. It is not a going to a rally. It is easier than going to a shop,” Yavlinsky wrote in his blog. He called all who can sign up or become a volunteer to come to YABLOKO’s offices in their regions.

“Make one more effort, and it will bring our victory closer. Remember that timely actions are extremely important in real and not virtual politics. As next generations will have to do or amend what we failed to accomplish and what had to be done by us today,” he concluded.