We, as a party and a public movement, using our expertise and possibilities of our international cooperation, will do everything in our power so that to restore the relations of friendship and cooperation between Russia and Ukraine.

We will be responsibly facilitating weakening of the power of the oligarchs, their groups and families on the political situation in Ukraine, as permitted by norms and traditions of international relations.

We will do everything we can so that to help resolving the issues of stability and economic development in East Ukraine.

We are ready to present the strongest arguments for the need to fight against fascism and extremism under any conditions.

We will do everything so that to prove the need for a thorough investigation of all the aspects related to the use of force in Kiev on 20 February, and if necessary to facilitate such an investigation on the public level.

We are calling on convening of an international conference on Ukraine to discuss a full range of political and economic issues, as well as anti-corruption and strategic aspects of international security so that legitimate international interests of different parties involved are taken into account.

We have been considering the territorial integrity of our countries be essential to international security of Europe and the world in general.

Grigory Yavlinsky,
March 8, 2014