Russia’s aggressive policy towards Ukraine is central in the anti-European policies of the Russian authorities.

The annexation of Crimea and transfer of the Russian arms to the so-called «separatists», sending volunteers there, propaganda and military support from Russia — all of this fits into the concept of «incitement of war».

This policy does not have the slightest meaningful perspective — either political, or economic, or military, or diplomatic. It only leads to endless bloodshed, rapid growth of crime, lies and even greater degradation of the situation both in the South-East of Ukraine and the Russian state and society. Support of quasi-state formations that have absolutely no political or economic means in addition to other things a lie and unforgivable attitude towards people as some “material” for geopolitical experiments.

Whatever the goal of the Russian government in this bloody military-political adventures may be: either destabilization or a split or control over Kiev via implementation in Ukraine of the «doctrine of limited sovereignty» — all this is infinitely dangerous and strategically meaningless.

While Russia does not change its principled anti-European stance, no truce or peace agreements will be fully effective, moreover, will be able to guarantee peace, stability and security for people.

In the future, we need an international conference we have repeatedly spoken about. It could openly discuss difficult and dangerous crisis between Russia and Ukraine and try to give answers to basic questions. All the interested parties should participate in such a conference.

However, in the long run, even all this is not enough.

There is a need of a common strategy targeted achievement by Ukraine and Russia of substantially close goals: movement of both the countries to Europe. In the end, that is where the solution of the key problems, including Crimea, lies.

This means Russia’s abolishment of its anti-European policies and its gradual movement towards European politics and the way of living. This is how we can create the foundations for real peace.

The Political Committee of the Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO confirms the correctness of the political assessments given in the previous statements of the Political Committee, the Bureau and party leaders on the actions of the Russian leaders as regards Ukraine.

We are for the territorial integrity of Ukraine and categorically against the revival of the «limited sovereignty doctrine».

We again demand that Russia must observe its international obligations, the Constitution of the Russian Federation and Russian laws. We insist on cessation of incitement and propaganda of war.

Our stance is absolutely clear:

— We are for the inviolability of borders in Europe;

— We support the territorial integrity of Ukraine;

— We believe that Crimea belongs to Ukraine and its annexation is illegal and must be canceled;

— We believe that the future of the Crimean Peninsula should determined by its residents on the basis of corresponding legislation. We can not consider the referendum of March 16, 2014 be legitimate, it was conducted in haste and without compliance to any rules, laws and regulations, under the «protection» of the Russian armed forces.

We think it fair to raise the issue of conducting a lawful and legitimate referendum (or local referenda with the prospects of cantonisation of Crimea) which would fully comply with the Ukrainian laws and norms of international law agreed with Kiev, the Crimean government, Moscow, the EU, OSCE and the UN. Such a referendum should be held under strict international control and contain three questions: whether people want to live in Ukraine, or an independent Crimean state or Russia.

We believe that determination of the procedure for such a referendum should be an important issue for discussion at a specially convened international conference on the peaceful settlement of the crisis.

For us, it is obvious that the will of the people must be inextricably intertwined with respect for the dignity and interests of all the residents of the territory where [such referendum] is held, and with the maximum consideration of its specifics. Referenda mean that citizens speak in favour of living in an open and peaceful society in a form of state affiliation they chose, rather than establishment of the power of some authoritarian groups that are beyond any control.

We urge to stop military and political adventurism in South-East Ukraine which has already taken away thousands of lives and facilitate the return of the territories, that became the arena of military actions, to peaceful living.

We also urge the Russian government officials, MPs, politicians and journalists to respect the choice made by the Ukrainian people on 26 October, 2014.

Possible abuses and omissions should not serve as a pretext for further destabilisation of society and the State of Ukraine.

The best protection of Russia’s interests is constructive, strategically meaningful peaceful and responsible work with the new [Ukrainian parliament] Verkhovna Rada, the President and other government institutions in Ukraine.