I'm outraged by the demonstrative disgrace of the sentences to the prisoners of the Bolotnaya Square Rally case. The fact that these people were kept in the detention prison for many months represents already in itself groundless cruelty absolutely incommensurable with the charges brought against them, moreover these charges were not actually proved.

The essence of what has been going on is that the authorities cynically neglect the intension of millions of Russia's citizens to live in a modern state with independent judiciary, true separation of powers, respect for private property and participation in fair elections that would reflect their will.

The Russian citizens who participated in peaceful mass rallies in 2011-2012 were outraged by election fraud, stealing of the votes, gross extortion of the will they had expressed at the elections. The state responded to the peaceful protest with intimidation, lies, libel and strengthening the police rule. This lead to the events [of the Bolotnaya Square rally] in May 6, 2012.

By making a trial over “Bolotnaya prisoners” the authorities aimed at intimidation of those who dared to object and participate in the opposition rallies.

Unfortunately, we cannot count that the court of a higher instance will cancel the unjust verdict. But I am certain that such a decision [if made] would be to the benefit of Russia and its future.