YABLOKO’s activists and supporters participated in demonstration of the opposition in Moscow. Party members formed a column under the banner "We demand new elections!". The column was led by party leaders Grigory Yavlinsky, Valery Borshchyov, Anatoly Golov, Yugeny Bunimovich, Galina Mikhalyova, leader of the Youth Yabloko Kirill Goncharov and other.

"We participate in today's demonstration because millions of people do not agree with the policies pursued by Vladimir Putin, as well as lawlessness [in the country]. We received a mandate from our voters - and only according to the official data, there are over two million of such people – for a continuous political struggle for a different system: for fair elections, an independent judiciary, equality before the law and the inviolability of property rights,” Grigory Yavlinsky said to journalists.

Yavlinsky also emphasized that YABLOKO would participate in all the protests “against the tyranny of the present system, its authoritarian and corrupted nature, against totalitarism.”

“Russia will be free!”, “Down with the police state!”, “For the Changes!” and “Russia without Putin!” – such were the slogans chanted by YABLOKO’s activists during the demonstration.

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin, has been on a working visit to Omsk, took part in the protest action in Omsk.

Photographs from the Moscow rally http://eng.yabloko.ru/Press/2012/06122012-march-ga.html