YABLOKO does not see anything new in today’s statements by representatives of the Central Electoral Commission that the number of defective signatures give them grounds to refuse Grigory Yavlinsky registration in the presidential election campaign.

Grigory Yavlinsky and other party leaders gave assessments of this decision during press-conference at Interfax yesterday.

However, we expect further escalation of claims on behalf of the Central Electoral Commission after organizational committee of the rally scheduled on February 4 adopted a decision on nominating Grigory Yavlinsky presidential candidate.

Today, organizational committee demanded at its meeting to register Grigory Yavlinsky at presidential election campaign. It is expected that the resolution with such a meeting will be adopted by a rally of February 4. Grigory Yavlinsky will speak at the rally as a presidential candidate as other invited candidates. Such decisions were adopted on the proposal of YABLOKO Chairman Sergei Mitrokhin.