700,000 people have already put their signatures in favour of nomination of YABLOKO’s leader Grigory Yavlinsky to run in the presidential elections campaign. Collection of signatures for registration in the election campaign began on December 23 and will go through January 14.

The Russian law requires for a candidate from a non-parliamentary party to collect and submit by January 18 to the Central Electoral Commission at least 2 million of signatures in favour of his nomination to run in the campaign. Moreover, such a campaign for collection of signatures should be conducted by a party nominating its candidate in at least 40 Russian regions, whereas the number of signatures collected in each of the regions should not exceed 50,000.

YABLOKO attracts volunteers (YABLOKO members and supports, ex-observers at the parliamentary elections and people who left their telephones within the framework of the project “The Glasnost Territory”) for collection of signatures.

YABLOKO collects signatures in its regional offices, in the streets, during mass actions, also volunteers conduct “door to door” campaign collecting signatures among their relatives, friends and neighbours.

YABLOKO organised a free telephone hot line (tel.: 8 800 555 0917) so that to answer questions of the people who wish to put their signatures.

Collection of signatures went on in YABLOKO’s main office (Moscow, Pyatnitskaya 31/2, bldg 2) even on the new year day January 1. People of different age groups and even families come to put their signatures for nomination of Grigory Yavlinsky.

The staff of Grigory Yavlinsky’s head-quarters express gratitude to all who have already put their signatures and call those who have not done it yet come to YABLOKO’s offices until January 14.