Grigory Yavlinsky presented programme “Land-Housing-Roads”


Launch of a new book “Land-Housing-Roads” by
Dr.Grigory Yavlinsky, YABLOKO’s founder, member of
YABLOKO’s Political Committee and a renowned
economist, was held at the International Book Fair
in Moscow on September 7.

The federal programme “Land-Housing-Roads”
proposed in the book represents the way out of the
economic deadlock for Russia. The programme was
developed in 2008-2009, during the economic
crisis. The author proposed a solution for the
Russian economy envisaging how to get rid of
Russia’s dependence on oil and gas and facilitate
economic development and growth.

According to Yavlinsky, huge public demand in
housing representing Russia’s specifics when
satisfied can lead the country out of stagnation.
This envisages gratuitous and mass-scale transfer
of federal lands to the citizens under their
housing construction and development of
infrastructure (water, gas and electricity
supply), as well as construction of roads at the
expense of the federal budget, i.e. the reserves
accumulated for the recent years due to high oil
and gas prices. The programme stipulates that
about 14 million of families should get about 130
sq m of housing and a plot of land (for free) up
to 3,000 sq m in the European part of Russia and
up to 6,000 sq m in the Asian part. The programme
also envisages foundation of special state
crediting institutions for provision of long-term
loans (up to 50 years) to families for housing
construction under low interest rates.

Yavlinsky called the programme “a chance which
should be used within three or four years”,
otherwise it will be lost.

Implementation of the programme requires “true
political will”, and “it is necessary that the
leaders of the state should take up the
responsibility”, he added.

The programme will be part of YABLOKO’s electoral
programme at the coming parliamentary elections.

About two hundred people came to the launch of the
book. Grigory Yavlinsky answered numerous
questions about specific details of the programme.
The visitors were presented with the book signed
by the author.

After the launch of the book Grigory Yavlinsky
came to YABLOKO’s stand where he continued his
discussion with readers.

On September 8, Sergei Mitrokhin, Chair of the
YABLOKO party, will launch his new book "Russia
Needs Changes”.