Grirory Yavlinsky claims that Crimea belongs to Ukraine and Russia has annexed it. However, he is certain that this situation is not a deadlock and has an obvious solution in the near future. A legitimate referendum on the future of the peninsula as part of Ukraine, Russia or independent state should take place in Crimea, claims the politician.

This stance and proposals are included in the statement by YABLOKO Political Committee on the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Grirory Yavlinsky claims that the Crimean referendum of March 16 cannot be acknowledged legitimate. «A referendum which took place under such conditions, within such timeframes, under the pressure of military forces cannot possibly be acknowledged and will never be», he said.

He insists that the residents of Crimea should decide the fate of the peninsula «at a lawful and legitimate referendum or at local referendums with the perspective of cantonisation of Crimea». Such a referendum should be agreed with the Ukrainian legislation and international law, should be agreed with Kiev, the governmental bodies of Crimea, Moscow, the EU, the OSCE, the UN und be held under strict international control.

Three questions should be proposed the residents of Crimea: whether they want to be part of Ukraine, Russia or an independent state.

The procedure of the referendum should be discussed at a special International conference on peaceful settlement of Russia-Ukraine crisis. Grigory Yavlinsky proposed this initiative already in March.

Yavlinsky stressed that the all-Russia public discussion on the possibility for Crimea to join Russia, including the costs of this for the citizens of Russia, should precede the Crimean referendum.